Euphebe 28 day “Cut the Crap” ReBoot

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  I’m the chick that picks chocolate cake over pretty much anything. I blame my Grandma who eats dessert first ; )

I was excited when Euphebe reached out about their E28 ReBoot “Cut the Crap” program.  They deliver fresh frozen organic meals to you weekly for 4 weeks (they also have a mini-boot program that’s only 14 days).  I was a little skeptical at first as many of these meal program the food doesn’t taste so good but while unfreezing every dish I was pleasantly surprised (and note– I don’t own a microwave so everything was heated on my stove.)

I think there was only 1 out of 40 meals I didn’t like (and I’m quite picky!) My favorite was their Mushroom soup and Black Bean Quesadilla (see above).  I also love their portion size as it made me realize I often eat too much food. They also have a coach on hand at all times for guidance and to answer any questions which I found very helpful.

At each meal they recommend also making a side salad– I often put the meal right on top of the salad.

 Although I didn’t lose any much weight or inches as many of the other participants did ( I’m in pretty good shape if I might add) I have to admit I felt wonderful!  And best of all? I didn’t have or even want to stuff myself at Thanksgiving.  I knew the right portion size and enjoyed all the food that fit in that.

Want to try yourself? TODAY ONLY — enter “Eternal Youth” at checkout for 10% off a ReBoot program

And feel free to ask me any questions below!

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